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Architectural Services

Architecture & Construction

Architecture and Contracting services are what we provide, but at our core, we’re a service company devoted to our client. The vision of our client’s project is the spark that ignites the engine that is our team. We are involved at every level with a singular focus, to improve the project and maintain the client’s vision. Below you will find a complete suite of our services.

Architecture & Contracting Services

Our architectural services start with the initial pre-design, mapping out a strategic plan, which includes concept, schematic design, overall design development, construction documentation, and administration. Architects feasibility studies, logistical site and process master planning, programming and architectural project management. Contractor bidding and negotiation help services, and construction contract administration. Large or small, simple or complex, we tackle your design concept, handle engineering challenges and keep the project on time and within budget.

Project Inception –

It starts with the pre-design where we discuss your vision and goals for the project. The architect will map out your project needs and put together a strategic plan.

Schematic Design

It is where concept and architectural schematic design development begin. Feasibility studies and a master plan based on requirements and budget is conducted to explore options.

Design Development and Planning

We agree on the scope and direction of the project, them we aggressively navigate local regulatory approval processes. We handle zoning, proper permits, site analysis, access points, parking, existing design and local building guidelines.

Construction Documents

These documents will be for obtaining the correct building permits, approvals and contractor bids. These drawings will also act as a roadmap for the construction manager in the building process.

Bidding and Negotiation

We can assist in contractor selection by overseeing construction bids and negotiations. After you chose the contractor, we can prepare the construction contract between you and the contractor.

Construction and Contract Administration

The architect will consult with you during construction, and make on-site visits. We will advise you regarding work done is by the contract, and that the design, workmanship, and materials are of the highest quality, and the project is on time and within budget.