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Frequently Asked Questions about Architect and Contracting services.

General Questions About Architecture and Construction

What are the specific services architects provide?

Architects see the clients vision of the project or big picture. They work with you through form and function and what you like aesthetically often working the boundaries of what’s possible. They put together and coordinate your team to create the design, structural engineering for a permanent and sound building, and contracting specialist to begin and complete the building process. They weed through the matrix that is your building codes, proper permits, and all the crazy zoning requirements; they provide project leadership by overseeing the various professionals assuring the project’s within budget and completed on time.

At what juncture in my project should I bring on an architect?

When you ready to plan your next project, bring in your architect. Architects offer invaluable services including pre-design, concept, and mapping out a strategic plan, schematic design services, and feasibility studies that help you explore options previously not considered. Architects save you money by avoiding costly mistakes many people make going it alone. Involving an architect at the beginning will significantly increase your odds of having a successful project.

What are the criterior to find the right architect for my project?

Find an architect with great communication skills, an excellent bedside manner, who is easy to talk to, and makes you feel comfortable. It is without saying that they should have experience with your type of project. Checking the Locations page on this site is an excellent place to start.

What is the role of an electrical contractor?

Electrical contractors usually have one or more electricians to delegate work regarding a project. They also analyze electrical systems, pinpoint issues, and suggest permanent solutions. It is not uncommon to see electrical contractors knee deep in power transmission and distribution systems that provide power to a host of different structures. Depending on the size of the project the electrical contractor works closely with the construction manager.

What is the role of the construction manager?

Construction managers handle every aspect of the build-out process. They use the construction documents from the architect as a blueprint for the building process. They keep everyone connected to the project abreast with current information for the life of the project. The architect will coordinate with the construction manager making sure that expectations, individual roles, and schedule are managed successfully.

What is the role of a structural engineer?

The structural engineer is responsible for determining a structure’s strength and integrity. Through extensive testing, they find and evaluate defects and establish ways to correct problems. Weather, pressure, and gravity all affect a weak structure ultimately causing structural damage. On a new project, the structural engineer’s sole purpose is to ensure the integrity of the skeleton of the structure. Assuring the structure is sound from all aspects and, the home or building will withstand the elements for many years, and finally and most importantly meet all the safety requirements for the general public.

What's my imput in the architectural design process?

You are the one with the original vision of the project. The architect needs your design preferences, level of functionality, and overall budget. How well you communicate and how open you are with the architect about the project in a timely fashion keeps everything on track. Raising concerns, you may have immediately allows changes to be made in the earliest stages, and may save on price overruns. You and the architect will form a partnership with the eventual goal of a successful outcome to your project.

What are the many services plumbing contractors provide?

Plumbing contractors will perform any and all services needed to complete any construction project. Here are few but not necessarily all services offered:

  • Installing and repairing water heaters
  • Running all gas lines inside and outside the structure
  • Outside lawn faucet installation
  • Toilet installation and replacement
  • Kitchen sink and faucet installation and replacement
  • Water treatment, filters and water softeners, and chemical removal
  • Installation of sump pumps and water back up pumps
  • Garbage disposal installation

That’s just a partial list, but it shows just how vitally important the plumbing contractor is to any project.