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Architecture and Construction Services including Structural Engineering, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors, Flooring Specialist and Custom Cabinetry by Master Cabinet Makers

We provide Architectural and Contracting services in New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and throughout the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the eastern region.

We are an east coast national business with local professional owners with decades of experience in the architecture and contracting industry. Though we service a wide region, if for some reason we’re not available in your neighborhood, we will refer you to one of our trusted, local partners.

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How We Do It


Frisbie architecture and our local partners know the architectural and construction process is more art than science. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one of our design architects or construction managers, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a full gut renovation, an extension to your bathroom, or correcting NYC Dept of Buildings or DOB violations. It’s of the utmost importance to hear to the minute details of the building process. Everyone’s role is vitally important regarding our architects and general contractors when working with your commercial or residential property.


Our architect provides more detailed drawings that include structural, electrical, and mechanical requirements, interior design and lighting and a division of work breakdown of builders. The Frisbie structural engineer comes in to ensure the integrity of the skeleton of the structure. Making sure the piece is solid from all aspects and, based on our engineer’s calculations the project will stand for the long haul, and most importantly be safe for the general public.


Final construction drawings with final specifications and materials that are detailed enough for our construction manager to estimate the cost and build the project.

The owner, architect, construction manager or general contractor, project managers, inspectors, contractors, and sub-contractors to plan for the construction process.

Frisbie builders will occupy the construction site and transport the heavy equipment. Our Construction manager oversees contract documentation to ensure that the contractors have all the necessary building permits, permissions, tools and equipment and everything is of the highest quality, on schedule, and on budget.

Architectural plans

From the Schematic Design Elements to Flooring, Cabinetry, Carpet, and Fixtures

We take your project from the preliminary drawings of exterior elevations, overall design development, construction documentation, and administration. Architects feasibility studies floor plans, and sections completed by our architects to finished drywall, flooring, cabinets, carpet, and fixtures with the final quality reviews, final acceptance documentation, and a pleased commercial or residential owner at the end of the day.

Certified Contractors and Architects

healthcare buildings

Better designed healthcare facilities are a must in today’s new architectural renaissance. Let our team take you there.

education buildings

Our architects design the new schools with numerous safety and educational driven enhancements that provide a higher level of learning.

Government Buildings

We build new and redesign existing government structures that adhere to the highest standards.

Parking Garage

From essential parking solutions for a small business to high-tech parking with limited space in the middle of a busy commercial district, we do it all.

Domestic buildings

You can be sure your family and/or tenants will love their new single family, multi-unit, or condominium after the rigorous final review from our design team and construction contractors.

Interior Design

Our design elements and interior solutions set us apart from the rest of the industry.

Green construction

Frisbie’s green architecture and construction is the next step to a cleaner and healthier environment. Contact us and find out how.


Innovative construction architectural design can make your restaurant stand out in a crowded metropolis

Community Centers

Our well built and next level designed community centers provides extracurricular activities to our young and old alike.

Entertainment Complexes

Let us design your next karaoke Cafe, billiard parlor, movie house, or bowling alley.

Shopping Centers

Let our architects and construction experts construct your next state-of-the-art shopping mall.

Industrial Buildings

Call us when you need more warehouse and storage facilities.

Interior Design - Electrical and Plumbing Contractor, Drywall and Flooring, Custom Cabinetry and Woodworking Experts

In the finishing stage, our Frisbie Interior Designers bring in the drywall and flooring finishing experts. Custom cabinetry for the new kitchen cabinets by our master cabinet maker, Custom furniture made to order by our expert woodworkers. The electrical contractor completes the installation of outlets, connecting high-end appliances and running custom lighting for an awesome effect. The plumbing contractor installs all the bathroom plumbing, and all the kitchen plumbing including the dishwasher, and under the sink garbage disposal.

Wooden kitchen interior with custom cabinetry

Frisbie Architects are Leading the way in Architectural Design, General Contracting, Commercial Building and Civil Construction

Construction Project of building

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